Tungsten Dashboard for Clustering

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This manual documents Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.

Build date: 2020-05-26 (3e72e5b1)

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Table of Contents

1. Tungsten Dashboard Overview
2. Tungsten Dashboard Pre-Requisites
3. Tungsten Dashboard Security Limitations
4. Configure the Tungsten Cluster Manager API
5. Test Connectivity to the Tungsten Manager API Directly
6. Install the Tungsten Dashboard
7. Configure the Apache 2 Web Server
8. Configure the Tungsten Dashboard
8.1. Tungsten Dashboard Configuration Settings Reference
9. Install and Configure HA Proxy
10. Test Connectivity to the Tungsten Manager API via HAProxy
11. Access the Tungsten Dashboard GUI via a browser
12. Tungsten Dashboard User Interface
12.1. Tungsten Dashboard User Interface Overview
12.2. Dashboard Navigation Bar One
12.3. Dashboard Navigation Bar Two
12.4. Dashboard Navigation Bar Three
12.5. Dashboard Composite Parent Row
12.6. Dashboard Composite Member Rows
12.7. Dashboard Composite Member Node Rows
12.8. Dashboard Standalone Cluster
13. Monitoring Tungsten Clusters Using Prometheus and Grafana
13.1. Monitoring Tungsten Clusters Using Prometheus
13.1.1. Example Prometheus Installation Procedure
13.1.2. Example Prometheus Configuration Procedure
13.1.3. Example Prometheus Boot Configuration Procedures
13.1.4. Example Prometheus Test Procedure
13.2. Monitoring Tungsten Clusters Using Grafana
13.2.1. Example Grafana Installation Procedure
13.2.2. Example Grafana Configuration Procedure
13.2.3. Example Grafana Boot Configuration Procedure
13.2.4. Example Grafana Test Procedure
13.2.5. Example Grafana Setup and Usage
A. Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
B. Release Notes
B.1. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.7 GA (26 November 2019)
B.2. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.6 GA (3 September 2019)
B.3. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.5 GA (28 June 2019)
B.4. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.4 GA (11 April 2019)
B.5. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.3 GA (22 March 2019)
B.6. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.2 GA (20 September 2018)
B.7. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.1 GA (17 September 2018)
B.8. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.0 GA (10 May 2018)
C. Upgrade the Tungsten Dashboard
D. UI Operational Scope Table
E. Included External Packages In Use