Appendix C. Upgrade the Tungsten Dashboard


Please change the example values below to match your specific environment.

As user tungsten, download the software using the temporary URL provided by Continuent, or login to the web download portal to obtain the software (, then copy the updated application files to the web root directory, overwriting the existing ones:

shell> sudo su - tungsten
shell> wget -O tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123.tar.gz 'TEMP_URL_PROVIDED_BY_CONTINUENT'
shell> tar xvzf tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123.tar.gz
shell> cd tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123
shell> rsync -a html/ /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html/


Your config.php will NOT be overwritten. The software package contains only config.php.sample, so there is no risk of affecting your settings during an upgrade.