Chapter 2. Tungsten Dashboard Pre-Requisites

Continuent Tungsten Dashboard needs the following prerequisites to function:

  • Continuent Tungsten Clustering v5.3.0 and above or v6.0.1 and above only.

  • Web server with PHP support (sample configs provided for Apache 2.2 and 2.4)

  • HA Proxy -

  • Make sure to open ALL of the appropriate firewall ports to ensure access.

    • The default architecture would require TCP port 8090 open between the web server running the Dashboard and all cluster nodes in all clusters that are to be administered by the GUI application.

    • By default, port 80 will need to be open from the client browser to the web server running the Tingsten Dashboard. If HTTPS has been implemented, TCP 443 must be opened in addition to port 80.