Appendix A. Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following details information should be considered when using the Tungsten Dashboard:

  • A DS state of ONLINE when the node role is Witness means that the manager is online only. An Active Witness node will never be a live DataSource because it has no database and no replicator.

  • Passive Witness nodes will NOT appear because they have no running Manager/API.

  • The Tab Menu Badges for Policy Not Auto and Not Ready auto-refresh via AJAX every 30 seconds independently of the main Auto-refresh Setting.

  • The Show All Details button is useful when used with the native browser search.

  • All operations will attempt to obtain a lock automatically.

  • An auto-lock request will fail if the resource is already locked.

  • Composite and Cluster Status may be one of: Ready, Warning or Error.

  • For a Composite to be other than Ready, a Member cluster must be OFFLINE or FAILED from the Composite view. A single failed node will NOT change the Composite Status.

  • There is no impact on the Manager API if security is enabled via --disable-security-controls=false.

  • The Manager API calls are not encrypted with SSL by default.

  • Filtering is only available with more than one cluster.

  • Filtering is case-insensitive with automatic wildcards on both ends.