Appendix D. UI Operational Scope Table

The following table describes the relationship between the UI elements on screen, their operation and scope, and the equivalent cctrl command that would be required to achieve the same operation.

UI Row Levels Menu Label Scope cctrl Equivalent
Cluster Composite Recover Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} recover
Cluster Composite Welcome Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} welcome
Cluster Composite Online Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} online
Cluster Composite Offline Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} offline
Cluster Composite Shun Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} shun
Cluster Composite Promote Composite use {composite_service}; switch to {composite_member}
Cluster Composite Fail Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} fail
Cluster Heartbeat Cluster use {cluster_service}; cluster heartbeat
Cluster Recover Cluster use {cluster_service}; recover
Cluster Failover Cluster use {cluster_service}; failover
Cluster Switch Cluster use {cluster_service}; switch
Composite Heartbeat Composite use {composite_service}; cluster heartbeat
Composite Recover Composite use {composite_service}; recover
Composite Failover Composite use {composite_service}; failover
Composite Switch Composite use {composite_service}; switch
Composite,Cluster Set Policy to Automatic Composite,Cluster use {selected_service}; set policy automatic
Composite,Cluster Set Policy to Maintenance Composite,Cluster use {selected_service}; set policy maintenance
Node Online Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} online
Node Offline Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} offline
Node Welcome Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} welcome
Node Shun Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} shun
Node Recover Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} recover
Node Enable Archive Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} set archive
Node Disable Archive Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} clear archive
Node Backup Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} backup
Node Promote Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; switch to {cluster_node}
Node Fail Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} fail
Node Restore Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} restore
Node Enable Standby Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} standby
Node Disable Standby Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} clear standby
Node Online Node/Replicator use {cluster_service}; replicator {cluster_node} online
Node Offline Node/Replicator use {cluster_service}; replicator {cluster_node} offline