Appendix D. UI Operational Scope Table

The following table describes the relationship between the UI elements on screen, their operation and scope, and the equivalent cctrl (in [Tungsten Clustering (for MySQL) 6.1 Manual]) command that would be required to achieve the same operation.

UI Row Levels Menu Label Scope cctrl Equivalent
Cluster Composite Recover Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} recover
Cluster Composite Welcome Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} welcome
Cluster Composite Online Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} online
Cluster Composite Offline Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} offline
Cluster Composite Shun Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} shun
Cluster Composite Promote Composite use {composite_service}; switch to {composite_member}
Cluster Composite Fail Composite use {composite_service}; datasource {composite_member} fail
Cluster Heartbeat Cluster use {cluster_service}; cluster heartbeat
Cluster Recover Cluster use {cluster_service}; recover
Cluster Failover Cluster use {cluster_service}; failover
Cluster Switch Cluster use {cluster_service}; switch
Composite Heartbeat Composite use {composite_service}; cluster heartbeat
Composite Recover Composite use {composite_service}; recover
Composite Failover Composite use {composite_service}; failover
Composite Switch Composite use {composite_service}; switch
Composite,Cluster Set Policy to Automatic Composite,Cluster use {selected_service}; set policy automatic
Composite,Cluster Set Policy to Maintenance Composite,Cluster use {selected_service}; set policy maintenance
Node Online Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} online
Node Offline Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} offline
Node Welcome Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} welcome
Node Shun Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} shun
Node Recover Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} recover
Node Enable Archive Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} set archive
Node Disable Archive Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} clear archive
Node Backup Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} backup
Node Promote Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; switch to {cluster_node}
Node Fail Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} fail
Node Restore Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} restore
Node Enable Standby Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} standby
Node Disable Standby Node/Manager use {cluster_service}; datasource {cluster_node} clear standby
Node Online Node/Replicator use {cluster_service}; replicator {cluster_node} online
Node Offline Node/Replicator use {cluster_service}; replicator {cluster_node} offline