Chapter 6. Install the Tungsten Dashboard


Please change the example values below to match your specific environment.

For example, create a new user called tungsten, group tungsten, homedir /home/tungsten:

shell> sudo useradd -m -d /home/tungsten -s /bin/bash -c "Tungsten Dashboard" -U tungsten

Note: Later on you will need to add the apache user to the tungsten group and restart apache.

Now create the Tungsten Dashboard web root directory and all needed subdirectories:

shell> sudo mkdir /volumes/data/www/tungsten
shell> sudo chown -R tungsten: /volumes/data/www/tungsten

shell> sudo su - tungsten
shell> cd /volumes/data/www/tungsten
shell> mkdir etc logs
shell> chmod 2770 logs
shell> chmod 2750 etc

Still as user tungsten, download the software using the temporary URL provided by Continuent, or login to the web download portal to obtain the software (, then copy to the web root directory for use in the next step:

shell> cd
shell> wget -O tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123.tar.gz 'TEMP_URL_PROVIDED_BY_CONTINUENT'
shell> tar xvzf tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123.tar.gz
shell> cd tungsten-dashboard-1.0.0-123
shell> rsync -a html/ /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html/
shell> chmod 2775 /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html
shell> mkdir /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html/locks
shell> chmod 2775 /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html/locks