B.13. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.3 GA (22 March 2019)

Version End of Life. 22 March 2020

Tungsten Dashboard provides a web-based UI for monitoring and managing Tungsten Clustering deployments.

Tungsten Dashboard v1.0.3 is a feature release for better global controls and customization.

The default for navButtonFormat is icon if not specified.

  • Added modal "Stop Auto-Refresh" button which will turn off the Auto-refresh feature. This button is only visible if auto-refresh is enabled.

  • Added ability to set global buttons to icon, text or some combination. Use the setting navButtonFormat and specify one or more of icon or text as a comma-separated string, no spaces. Order counts.

    $jsonConfig = <<<EOJ
     "settings": {

    Currently there are four (4) possible entries:


Tungsten Dashboard is compatible with both the Tungsten Clustering 5.3.x series and 6.x series.