B.8. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.8 GA (4 June 2020)

Version End of Life. 3 June 2021

Tungsten Dashboard provides a web-based UI for monitoring and managing Tungsten Clustering deployments.

Tungsten Dashboard v1.0.8 provides a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Added basic Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). There are two roles, Administrator with full access and Operator with Read-Only access. This feature requires Basic Auth to be properly configured on the Web server.

    When enabled, the user's current role will be displayed in the footer. Refresh the page to activate any changes to config.php.

    The default is 0 (disabled). Set enableRBAC to 1 (one) to enable.


    Use the administrators setting to list the users with admin privs:

     "administrators": [ "adminUser1","adminUser2" ] 
  • Improved page load performance via caching of API calls. This is especially helpful with Composite clusters that have multiple sites over a wide area.

  • Added the ability to modify the browser window title using the new configuration option windowTitle

  • Added the ability to change the cluster service sort order from the alpha default to as-written configuration order using the new configuration option sortByConfigOrderNotAlpha

  • Site favicons along with the navigation bar logo and colors have been updated to promote a cleaner look. Additional icon replacements and color tweaks have been made throughout the tool.

  • Added hover-based tooltips for all fields and buttons where possible. Set disableTooltips to 1 to prevent the tooltips from appearing.

  • Significantly improved the Connector popover formatting, sorting and operation.

  • Message handling is improved so that multiple actions and responses are tracked and messaged properly.

  • Added the ability to view the json configuration in the browser via a menu link.

  • Added the ability to check for Dashboard software updates.

  • Added the ability to check for Clustering software updates on a per-node basis.

Tungsten Dashboard is compatible with both the Tungsten Clustering 5.3.x series and 6.x series.