8.5.2. Define a Cluster via GUI

Version Support: 1.0.9

This feature was first introduced in Tungsten Dashboard version 1.0.9-61


Figure 8.7. Define a Cluster Menu Option

Tungsten Dashboard Define Cluster Menu Option

  • You may choose to define a cluster manually.

  • This form will allow you to create cluster definitions in the {WEBROOT}/conf.d/ subdirectory, one JSON text file per cluster defined.

  • You must complete this form once for each cluster to add if you are not using auto-define. If you have a composite cluster with two member clusters, that would imply a total of three definition files, one for the parent composite cluster, and one for each of the member clusters.

Figure 8.8. Define a Cluster Form

Tungsten Dashboard Define Cluster Form

  • Service Name

    A unique Dashboard-specific alias, as opposed to the Manager's dataservice name seen in cctrl, which should be entered in the Actual Service Name field below. Use the dataservice name here if it is unique and also leave the Actual Service Name field blank.

  • Actual Service Name

    The configured service name as seen in cctrl and trepctl.

  • Composite Parent Cluster

    Enter the Composite Child Service Names. Use the Dashboard unique alias, not the actual service name.

  • Composite Child Cluster

    Enter the Composite Parent Service Name. Use the Dashboard unique alias, not the actual service name.