9.53. The zabbix_tungsten_services Command

The zabbix_tungsten_services command provides a simple check to confirm whether configured services are currently running. The command must be executed with a command-line option specifying which services should be checked and confirmed.

Table 9.85. check_tungsten_services Options

-cCheck the Connector service status.
-hDisplay the help text.
-rCheck the replication services status.

The command outputs a 0 (True) or 1 (False) Status


The zabbix_tungsten_services only confirms that the services and processes are running; their state is not confirmed. To check state with a similar interface, use the zabbix_tungsten_online command.

To check the services:

  • To check the replicator services:

    shell> zabbix_tungsten_services -r
  • To check the replicator and manager services are executing:

    shell> zabbix_tungsten_services -r
  • To check the connector services:

    shell> zabbix_tungsten_services -c