9.5. The check_tungsten_progress Command

The check_tungsten_progress command determines whether the replicator is actually making progress by executing a heartbeat operation and monitoring for this operation to complete within an optional time period (default is 1 second).

Table 9.17. check_tungsten_progress Options

-sService name to check (optional)
-tGive a time period during which progress should be identified

The command outputs information in the following format:


Where DETAIL includes detailed information about the status report, and LEVEL is:

  • CRITICAL — replicator is not making progress and either has not completed the heartbeat operation, or has failed. If failed, the reason will be shown in the DETAIL:

    For example:

    CRITICAL: Replicator is not ONLINE
  • OK — replicator is making progress.

    For example:

    OK: Replicator is making progress

This output is easily parseable by various monitoring tools, including Nagios NRPE, and can be used to monitor the status of your services quickly without resorting to using the full trepctl output.

The time delay can be added on busy systems to ensure that the replicator is progressing, especially if you see errors like this:

CRITICAL: Replicator is not ONLINE

For example, to wait 5 seconds to ensure the replicator is progressing:

shell> check_tungsten_progress  -t 5
OK: Replicator is making progress
Version Support: 6.0.4

Optionally, specify the replication service name using the -s option. This is normally only needed for Composite Active/Active deployments where there is no single default replication service.