9.12. The dsctl Command

The dsctl command provides a simplified interface into controlling the datasource within a replication scenario to set the current replication position. Because dsctl uses the built-in datasource connectivity of the replicator, differences in the storage and configuration of the current replicator metadata and position can be controlled without resorting to updating the corresponding database directly.

The command is driven by a number of command-specific instructions to get or set the datasource position.

Table 9.23. dsctl Commands

getReturn the available position information
helpPrint the help display
resetClear the datasource position information
setSet the position

These must be used in conjunction with one of the following options to select the required datasources or service:

Table 9.24. dsctl Command-line Options

-confPath to the static services properties file
-dsName of the datasource
-serviceName of the replication service to get information from

If more than one service or datasource has been configured, one of these options much be used to select the service. Otherwise, by default dsctl will use the corresponding configured service.