8.34. The tungsten_skip_all Command

Version Support: 6.1.13

This command was introduced in version 6.1.13.

The tungsten_skip_all command assists with skipping replicator errors that you deem safe to skip.


Blindly skipping replication errors without fully understanding the consequences could lead to data drift. This action should only be performed providing a full understanding of the error has been analysed and deemed to be safe to skip by yourself and/or you business.

The tungsten_skip_all command performs the following steps:

  • Gather a list of replicator service names using trepctl services | grep serviceName.

  • Starts an inifinite loop.

  • Loops through all services, or uses the service specified on the cli.

  • Checks the service status via trepctl -service {serviceName_here} status -json.

  • If the pendingErrorSeqno is not -1, then processes the error state.

  • By default, if there is an error condition, a detailed message is displayed, and the user may skip the seqno interactively.

  • If the tungsten_skip_all command is called with --auto then the seqno with the error will be skipped automatically.

  • If the maximum number of loops has been reached (default: 100), the script will exit.

  • Sleeps for 3 seconds by default, then iterate

Table 8.58. tungsten_skip_all Options

--autoAutomatically skip and seqno is an error state - ONLY USE THIS WHEN ASKED TO BY CONTINUENT SUPPORT
--debug, -dDebug mode if very chatty. Avoid it unless you really need to. Implies --verbose and --info.
--help, -h
--info, -iDisplays additional information, but not fully verbose.
--max, -mSpecify the maimum number of iterations.
--path, -pSupply full path to trepctl and thl executables if NOT installed in default directory
--quiet, -q
--service, -sSupply service name to use - Required if more than one replication service running
--trepctlSupply name of trepctl executable if different from default.
--verbose, -vDisplays additional information. Implies --info