Appendix C. Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

C.1. Contacting Support
C.1.1. Support Request Procedure
C.1.2. Creating a Support Account
C.1.3. Open a Support Ticket
C.1.4. Open a Support Ticket via Email
C.1.5. Getting Updates for all Company Support Tickets
C.1.6. Support Severity Level Definitions
C.2. Support Tools
C.2.1. Generating Diagnostic Information
C.2.2. Generating Advanced Diagnostic Information
C.2.3. Using tungsten_upgrade_manager
C.3. Error/Cause/Solution
C.3.1. MySQLExtractException: unknown data type 0
C.3.2. Services requires a reset
C.3.3. OptimizeUpdatesFilter cannot filter, because column and key count is different. Make sure that it is defined before filters which remove keys (eg. PrimaryKeyFilter)
C.3.4. Unable to update the configuration of an installed directory
C.3.5. Too many open processes or files
C.3.6. There were issues configuring the sandbox MySQL server
C.3.7. Unexpected failure while extracting event
C.3.8. Attempt to write new log record with equal or lower fragno: seqno=3 previous stored fragno=32767 attempted new fragno=-32768
C.3.9. The session variable SQL_MODE when set to include ALLOW_INVALID_DATES does not apply statements correctly on the Replica.
C.3.10. Replicator runs out of memory
C.4. Known Issues
C.4.1. Triggers
C.5. Troubleshooting Timeouts
C.6. Troubleshooting Backups
C.7. Running Out of Diskspace
C.8. Troubleshooting SSH and tpm
C.9. Troubleshooting Data Differences
C.9.1. Identify Structural Differences
C.9.2. Identify Data Differences
C.10. Comparing Table Data
C.11. Troubleshooting Memory Usage

The following sections contain both general and specific help for identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems. Key sections include: