C.3.3. OptimizeUpdatesFilter cannot filter, because column and key count is different. Make sure that it is defined before filters which remove keys (eg. PrimaryKeyFilter)

Last Updated: 2014-07-28

Condition or Error

When using the optimizeupdates filter, replication stops with the error message in the output from trepctl status or when examining the log file.


  • The optimizeupdates filter works by removing indexed columns from updates that are unnecessary when a primary key exists to locate the record. If the key information has already been removed (for example, by the pkey filter, then the columns cannot be effectively compared and optimized.


  • If the pkey filter is required, change the order of the filters within the specified stage within the replicator so that the optimizeupdates filter is called before the pkey filter.

More Information

Section 11.4.31, “PrimaryKey Filter”