B.5. Prerequisite Checklist

To simplify the process of preparing your hosts, the checklist below is designed to provide a quick summary of the main prerequisites required.

A PDF version of this checklist can also be downloaded here

Host Specific



Create OS User – Typically called tungsten


Set ulimit for OS User


Configure sudoers


Disable SELinux


Compile /etc/hosts


Setup SSH between hosts


Create directory for installation (Typically, /opt/continuent)


Create directory for software package if using tar bundle (Typically, /opt/continuent/software)


Create directory for configuration file if INI Install (/etc/tungsten)


Check ownership of new directories set to new OS user


Install Ruby


Install Ruby gems : net-ssh


Install Ruby gems : net-scp


Install Ruby gems : io-console


Install Java 8


Install rsync


Network Specific



Ensure Network ports open


Database Specific (All Topologies)



Ensure server-id unique amongst all nodes


Increase Open Files limits


Ensure bin-logging enabled for cluster nodes, or source replicator nodes


Review sync_binlog parameter


Increase, if required, max_allowed_packet


Review InnoDB settings


Set binlog_format to ROW (Essential for Active/Active or heterogeneous deployments)


Ensure auto_increment offsets adjusted for Active/Active deployments


Create DB user with FULL privileges and GRANT OPTION – typically called tungsten (Used by managers and replicators)