8.31. The tungsten_read_master_events Script

The tungsten_read_master_events displays the raw contents of the Primary datasource for the given THL records. It implements the Tungsten Script Interface as well as these additional options.

tungsten_read_master_events [ --directory ] [ --force ] [ --help, -h ] [ --high ] [ --info, -i ] [ --json ] [ --low ] [ --net-ssh-option ] [ --notice, -n ] [ --service ] [ --source ] [ --validate ] [ --verbose, -v ]


Table 8.55. tungsten_read_master_events Command-line Options

--directoryThe $CONTINUENT_ROOT directory to use for running this command. It will default to the directory you use to run the script.
--forceContinue operation even if script validation fails
--help, -hShow help text
--highDisplay events ending with this sequence number
--info, -iDisplay info, notice, warning, and error messages
--jsonOutput all messages and the return code as a JSON object
--lowDisplay events starting with this sequence number
--net-ssh-optionProvide custom SSH options to use for SSH communication to other hosts.
--notice, -nDisplay notice, warning, and error messages
--serviceReplication service to read information from
--sourceDetermine metadata for the --after, --low, --high statements from this host
--validateOnly run script validation
--verbose, -vShow verbose information during processing

Display all information after a specific sequence number

This may be used when you have had a Primary failover or would like to see everything that happened after a certain event. It will read the start position from the sequence number passed and allow you to see all events, even if they were not extracted by the replication service.

shell> tungsten_read_master_events --after=1792

If you provide the --source option, the script will SSH to the host in question and read its THL information.

Display information between two sequence numbers

This will show the raw Primary data between the two sequence numbers. It is inclusive so the information for the --low option will be included. This will only work if the sourceId for both sequence numbers is the same.

shell> tungsten_read_master_events --low=4582 --high=4725


The script only works with MySQL at this time.