8.24. The tungsten_get_mysql_datadir Script

The tungsten_get_mysql_datadir command will gather and display actual running values for the data directory (datadir) checked against multiple sources (running mysql value, mysqld default value and the tungsten configuration) and then resolve any sym-links to the physical destination.

tungsten_get_mysql_datadir [ --debug, -d ] [ --flavor, -f ] [ --flavorful, -F ] [ --help, -h ] [ --verbose, -v ]


Table 8.49. tungsten_get_mysql_datadir Command-line Options

--debug, -d
--flavor, -fAlso print out the MySQL server type as a tag in lower case (i.e. mysql, percona or mariadb)
--flavorful, -FAlso print out the MySQL server type (i.e. MySQL Community, Percona Server or MariaDB Server)
--help, -hShow help text
--verbose, -v

The sudo command is used along with the which command to located the mysqld executable so as to gather the defaults.