trepctl shard Command

The trepctl shard command provides and interface to the replicator shard system definition system.

trepctl shard [ -delete shard ] [ -insert shard ] [ -list ] [ -update shard ]


Table 9.59. trepctl shard Command Options

-delete shardDelete a shard definition
-insert shardAdd a new shard definition
-listList configured shards
-update shardUpdate a shard definition

The replicator shard system is used during multi-site replication configurations to control where information is replicated.

For more information, see Section 3.3, “Deploying Multi-Site/Active-Active Clustering”Section 3.2, “Deploying Composite Active/Passive Clustering”. Listing Current Shards

To obtain a list of the currently configured shards:

shell> trepctl shard -list
shard_id	master	critical
alpha     sales   true

The shard map information can also be captured and then edited to update existing configurations:

shell> trepctl shard -list>shard.map Inserting a New Shard Configuration

To add a new shard map definition, either enter the information interactively:

shell> trepctl shard -insert 
Reading from standard input
1 new shard inserted

Or import from a file:

shell> trepctl shard -insert  < shard.map
Reading from standard input
1 new shard inserted Updating an Existing Shard Configuration

To update a definition:

shell> trepctl shard -update  < shard.map
Reading from standard input
1 shard updated Deleting a Shard Configuration

To delete a single shard definition, specify the shard name:

shell> trepctl shard -delete alpha