trepctl offline Command

The trepctl offline command puts the replicator into the offline state, stopping replication.

trepctl offline [ -all-services ] [ -immediate ]

To put the replicator offline:

shell> trepctl offline

While offline:

  • Transactions are not extracted from the source dataserver.

  • Transactions are not applied to the destination dataserver.

Certain operations on the replicator, including updates to the operating system and dataserver should be performed while in the offline state.

By default, the replicator goes offline in deferred mode, allowing the current transactions being read from the binary log, or applied to the dataserver to complete, the sequence number table in the database is updated, and the replicator is placed offline, stopping replication.

To stop replication immediately, within the middle of an executing transaction, use the -immediate option:

shell> trepctl offline -immediate