trepctl setdynamic Command

The trepctl setdynamic command allows you to change certain dynamic properties without the need to execute tpm update

trepctl setdynamic [ -property ] [ -value ]


Table 9.57. trepctl setdynamic Command Options

-propertySpecify the property to change
-valueSpecify the value of the specified -property

To change a property, specify the property using the -property parameter.


To change a property dynamically, the service must first be OFFLINE

shell> trepctl setdynamic -property <property>

The list of properties that can be dynamically changed are as follows:

  • replicator.autoRecoveryMaxAttempts : This allows you to dynamically alter the behaior of the autoRecovery options. A value specificed greater than 0 will enable the autoRevovery. Set a value of 0 to disable.

    The following example enables autoRecovery with the MaxAttempts value of 10

    shell> trepctl -service beta setdynamic -property replicator.autoRecoveryMaxAttempts -value 10

    The following example disables autoRecovery

    shell> trepctl -service beta setdynamic -property replicator.autoRecoveryMaxAttempts -value 0