trepctl wait Command

The trepctl wait command waits for the replicator to enter a specific state, or for a specific sequence number to be applied to the dataserver.

trepctl wait [ -applied seqno ] [ -limit s ] [ -state st ]


Table 9.61. trepctl wait Command Options

-applied seqnoSpecify the sequence number to be waited for
-limit sSpecify the number of seconds to wait for the operation to complete
-state stSpecify a state to be waited for

The command will wait for the specified occurrence, of either a change in the replicator status (i.e. ONLINE), or for a specific sequence number to be applied. For example, to wait for the replicator to go into the ONLINE state:

shell> trepctl wait -state ONLINE

This can be useful in scripts when the state maybe changed (for example during a backup or restore operation), allowing for an operation to take place once the requested state has been reached. Once reached, trepctl returns with exit status 0.

To wait a specific sequence number to be applied:

shell> trepctl wait -applied 2000

This can be useful when performing bulk loads where the sequence number where the bulk load completed is known, or when waiting for a specific sequence number from the Primary to be applied on the Replica. Unlike the offline-deferred operation, no change in the replicator is made. Instead, trepctl simply returns with exit status 0 when the sequence number has bee successfully applied.

If the optional -limit option is used, then trepctl waits for the specified number of seconds for the request event to occur. For example, to wait for 10 seconds for the replicator to go online:

shell> trepctl wait -state ONLINE -limit 10
Wait timed out!

If the requested event does not take place before the specified time limit expires, then trepctl returns with the message 'Wait timed out!', and an exit status of 1.