trepctl clients Command

Outputs a list of the that have been connected to the Primary service since it went online. If a Replica service goes offline or is stopped, it will still be reported by this command.

trepctl clients [ -json ]


Table 9.50. trepctl clients Command Options

-jsonOutput the information as JSON

The command outputs the list of clients and the management port on which they can be reached:

shell> trepctl clients 
Processing clients command...
Finished clients command...

A JSON version of the output is available when using the -json option:

shell> trepctl clients -json
"rmiPort": "10000",
"rmiHost": "host4"
"rmiPort": "10000",
"rmiHost": "host2"
"rmiPort": "10000",
"rmiHost": "host3"

The information is divided first by host, and then by the RMI management port.