7.8. Restoring a Backup

If a restore is being performed as part of the recovery procedure, consider using the tungsten_provision_slave tool. This will work for restoring from the Primary or a Replica and is faster when you do not already have a backup ready to be restored. For more information, see Section 7.6, “Provision or Reprovision a Replica”.

To restore a backup, use the trepctl restore command :

  1. Put the replication service offline using trepctl:

    shell> trepctl offline
  2. Restore the backup using trepctl restore :

    shell> trepctl restore
  3. Put the replication service online using trepctl:

    shell> trepctl online

By default, the restore process takes the latest backup available for the host being restored. Tungsten Cluster does not automatically locate the latest backup within the dataservice across all datasources.