7.2. Establishing the Shell Environment

The tools required to operate Tungsten Cluster are located in many directories around the home directory. The best way to access them is by setting up your shell environment.

The env.sh file will automatically be included if you specify the --profile-script during installation. This option may be included during a configuration change with tpm update.

If the env.sh file hasn't been included you may do so by hand with source.

shell> source /opt/continuent/share/env.sh


Special consideration must be taken if you have multiple installations on a single server. That applies for clustering and replication or multiple replicators.

Include the --executable-prefix and --profile-script options in your configuration. Instead of extending the $PATH variable; the env.sh script will define aliases for each command. If you specified --executable-prefix=mm the trepctl command would be accessed as mm_trepctl.