7.1. The Home Directory

After installing Tungsten Replicator the home directory will be filled with a set of new directories. The home directory is specified by --home-directory or --install-directory. If you have multiple installations on a single server; each directory will include the same entries.

  • tungsten - A symlink to the most recent version of the software. The symlink points into the releases directory. You should always use the symlink to ensure the most recent configuration and software is used.

  • releases - Storage for the current and previous versions of the software. During an upgrade the new software will be copied into this directory and the tungsten symlink will be updated. See Section D.1.2, “The releases Directory” for more information.

  • service_logs - Includes symlinks to the primary log for the replicator, manager and connector. This directory also includes logs for other tools distributed for Tungsten Cluster.

  • backups - Storage for backup files created through trepctl. See Section D.1.1, “The backups Directory” for more information.

  • thl - Storage for THL files created by the replicator. Each replication service gets a dedicated sub-directory for storing THL files. See Section D.1.5, “The thl Directory” for more information.

  • relay - Temporary storage for downloaded MySQL binary logs before they are converted into THL files.

  • share - Storage for files that must persist between different software versions. The env.sh script will setup your shell environment to allow easy access to Tungsten Cluster tools.