8.20.3. trepctl Service Commands

The trepctl service commands operate per-service, that is, when there are multiple services in a configuration, the service name on which the command operates must be explicitly stated. For example, when a backup is executed, the backup executes on an explicit, specified service.

The individuality of different services is critical when dealing with the replicator commands. Services can be placed into online or offline states independently of each other, since each service will be replicating information between different hosts and environments.

Table 8.32. trepctl Service Commands

backupBackup database
capabilitiesList the configured replicator capabilities
checkGenerate consistency check
clearClear one or all dynamic variables
clientsList clients connected to this replicator
flushSynchronize transaction history log to database
heartbeatInsert a heartbeat event with optional name
loadLoad the replication service
offlineSet replicator to OFFLINE state
offline-deferredSet replicator OFFLINE at a future point in the replication stream
onlineSet Replicator to ONLINE with start and stop points
pausePause the replicator. Specify the stage using the -stage option and optional time using -time
perfPrint detailed performance information
propertiesDisplay a list of all internal properties
purgePurge non-Tungsten logins on database
qsPrint a simplified quick replicator status
resetDeletes the replicator service
restoreRestore database on specified host
resumeResume a paused replicator. Specify the stage using the -stage option.
setdynamicSet dynamic properties
setroleSet replicator role
shardList, add, update, and delete shards
statusPrint replicator status information
unloadUnload the replication service
waitWait for the replicator to reach a specific state, time or applied sequence number

The following sections detail each command individually, with specific options, operations and information.