trepctl reset Command

The trepctl reset command resets an existing replicator service, performing the following operations:

  • Deleting the local THL and relay directories

  • Removes the Tungsten schema from the dataserver

  • Removes any dynamic properties that have previously been set

The service name must be specified, using -service.

trepctl reset [ -all ] [ -db ] [ -relay ] [ -thl ] [ -y ]


Table 8.39. trepctl reset Command Options

-allDeletes the thl directory, relay logs directory and tungsten database for the service.
-dbDeletes the tungsten_{service_name} database for the service
-relayDeletes the relay directory for the service
-thlDeletes the thl directory for the service
-yIndicates that the command should continue without interactive confirmation

To reset a replication service, the replication service must be offline and the service name must be specified:

shell> trepctl offline

Execute the trepctl reset command:

shell> trepctl -service alpha reset
Do you really want to delete replication service alpha completely? [yes/NO]

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. To ignore the interactive prompt, use the -y option:

shell> trepctl -service alpha reset -y

Then put the replicator back online again:

shell> trepctl online

You can also reset only part of the overall service by including one of the following options:

  • Reset all components of the service.

  • Reset the THL. This is equivalent to running thl purge.

  • Reset the relay log contents.

  • Reset the database, including emptying the trep_commit_seqno and other control tables.