trepctl capabilities Command

The capabilities command outputs a list of the supported capabilities for this replicator instance.

trepctl capabilities

The information output will depend on the configuration and current role of the replicator service. Different services on the same host may have different capabilities. For example:

shell> trepctl capabilities
Replicator Capabilities
  Roles:             [master, slave]
  Replication Model: push
  Consistency Check: true
  Heartbeat:         true
  Flush:             true

The fields output are as follows:

  • Roles

    Indicates whether the replicator can be a master or slave, or both.

  • Replication Model

    The model used by the replication system. The default model for MySQL for example is push, where information is extracted from the binary log and pushed to Replicas that apply the transactions. The pull model is used for heterogeneous deployments.

  • Consistency Check

    Indicates whether the internal consistency check is supported. For more information see Section, “trepctl check Command”.

  • Heartbeat

    Indicates whether the heartbeat service is supported. For more information see Section, “trepctl heartbeat Command”.

  • Flush

    Indicates whether the trepctl flush operation is supported.