7.10. Connector Inline Command Interface

When connected to a service through Tungsten Connector, the connection has access to a number of specialized commands that can be executed


When using Bridge Mode, these commands will not be available because you are connected directly to the database server.

Table 7.3. Inline Interface Commands

tungsten cluster statusDisplays a detailed view of the information the connector has about the cluster
tungsten connection countDisplay the current number of active connection to each datasource
tungsten connection statusDisplays information about the connection status for the last statement executed
tungsten flush privilegesReload the user.map file and update the user credentials
tungsten gcExecutes the connector garbage collector to free memory
tungsten helpShows help description each statement
tungsten mem infoDisplay the memory usage information for the connector
tungsten show processlistList all active queries on this connector instance
tungsten show variablesDisplay the connector configuration options currently in use