7.9. Connector Command-Line Interface

The connector command is used for various operations that affect the Tungsten Connector, for example, starting and stopping the Tungsten Connector, getting status, updating and debugging.

When using the connector command-line tool, the following sub-commands are available:

Table 7.2. Connector Command Line Sub-Commands

client-listReturn a list of the current client connections through this connector.
cluster-statusReturn the cluster status, as the connector currently understands it. This is the command-line alternative to the inline cluster status command.
condrestartRestart only if already running
consoleLaunch in the current console (instead of a daemon)
drain [seconds]An alias for graceful-stop. As of v7.0.0
dumpRequest a Java thread dump (if connector is running)
graceful-stop [seconds]Stops the connector gracefully, allowing outstanding open connections to finish and close before the connector process is stopped. All new connection requests are denied. The Connector will shut down as soon as there are no active connections. [seconds] is an integer specifying the optional time to wait before terminating the connector. Specifying no value for seconds will cause the Connector to wait indefinitely for all connections to finish. Specifying zero (0) seconds will cause the Connector to shut down immediately without waiting for existing connections to complete gracefully. As of v7.0.0, connector drain is available as an alias for connector graceful-stop.
installInstall the service to automatically start when the system boots
modeDisplauys the mode the connector is running in, either "proxy" or "bridge"
reconfigureReconfigure the connector by forcing the connector to reread the configuration, including the configuration files and user.map.
removeRemove the service from starting during boot
restartStop connector if already running and then start
startStart in the background as a daemon process
statusQuery the current status
stopStop if running (whether as a daemon or in another console) Optional timeout in seconds can be provided (From release 6.1.19 only)

For more information, please see Section 9.9, “The connector Command”.