Chapter 9. Command-line Tools

Table of Contents

9.1. The cctrl Command
9.1.1. cctrl Command-line Options
9.1.2. cctrl Modes
9.1.3. cctrl Commands
9.2. The check_tungsten_latency Command
9.3. The check_tungsten_online Command
9.4. The check_tungsten_policy Command
9.5. The check_tungsten_progress Command
9.6. The check_tungsten_services Command
9.7. The clean_release_directory Command
9.8. The cluster_backup Command
9.9. The connector Command
9.10. The ddlscan Command
9.10.1. Optional Arguments
9.10.2. Supported Templates and Usage
9.11. The deployall Command
9.12. The dsctl Command
9.12.1. dsctl get Command
9.12.2. dsctl set Command
9.12.3. dsctl reset Command
9.12.4. dsctl help Command
9.13. Script
9.14. The load-reduce-check Tool
9.14.1. Generating Staging DDL
9.14.2. Generating Live DDL
9.14.3. Materializing a View
9.14.4. Generating Sqoop Load Commands
9.14.5. Generating Metadata
9.14.6. Compare Loaded Data
9.15. The manager Command
9.16. The materialize Command
9.17. The multi_trepctl Command
9.17.1. multi_trepctl Options
9.17.2. multi_trepctl Commands
9.18. The query Command
9.19. The replicator Command
9.20. The startall Command
9.21. The stopall Command
9.22. The thl Command
9.22.1. thl Position Commands
9.22.2. thl list Command
9.22.3. thl index Command
9.22.4. thl purge Command
9.22.5. thl info Command
9.22.6. thl help Command
9.23. The trepctl Command
9.23.1. trepctl Options
9.23.2. trepctl Global Commands
9.23.3. trepctl Service Commands
9.24. The tmonitor Command
9.25. The tpasswd Command
9.26. The tungsten_find_orphaned Command
9.26. Examples:
9.27. The tungsten_find_position Command
9.28. The tungsten_find_seqno Command
9.29. The tungsten_get_mysql_datadir Script
9.30. The tungsten_get_status Script
9.31. The tungsten_get_ports Script
9.32. The tungsten_health_check Script
9.33. The tungsten_merge_logs Script
9.34. The tungsten_monitor Script
9.35. The tungsten_newrelic_event Command
9.36. The tungsten_nagios_backups Command
9.37. The tungsten_nagios_online Command
9.38. The tungsten_post_process Command
9.39. The tungsten_prep_upgrade Script
9.40. The tungsten_provision_thl Command
9.40.1. Provisioning from RDS
9.40.2. tungsten_provision_thl Reference
9.41. The tungsten_provision_slave Script
9.42. The tungsten_reset_manager Command
9.43. The tungsten_send_diag Script
9.44. The tungsten_set_position Script
9.45. The tungsten_skip_all Command
9.46. The tungsten_show_processlist Script
9.47. The tungsten_skip_seqno Script
9.48. The undeployall Command
9.49. The zabbix_tungsten_latency Command
9.50. The zabbix_tungsten_online Command
9.51. The zabbix_tungsten_progress Command
9.52. The zabbix_tungsten_services Command

Tungsten Cluster is supplied with a number of different command-line tools and utilities that help to install manage, control and provide additional functionality on top of the core Tungsten Cluster product.

The content in this chapter provides reference information for using and working with all of these tools. Usage and operation with these tools in particular circumstances and scenarios are provided in other chapters. For example, deployments are handled in Chapter 2, Deployment, although all deployments rely on the tpm command.

Commands related to the deployment

  • tpm — Tungsten package manager

Commands related to managing Tungsten Cluster

Commands related to the core Tungsten Replicator

  • trepctl — replicator control

  • multi_trepctl — multi-replicator control

  • thl — examine Tungsten History Log contents

Commands related to managing Tungsten Replicator deployments

Commands related to monitoring