9.27. The tungsten_find_seqno Command

Version Support: 5.4.0

The tungsten_find_seqno command was added in versions 5.4.0 and 6.1.0

The tungsten_find_seqno assists with locating event information in the THL and producing a dsctl set command as output.

The tungsten_find_seqno command performs the following steps:

  • Get the Replicator sequence number to search for from the CLI and validate

  • Validate paths and commands

  • Load all available service names and validate any specified service against that list

  • Check if this Replicator is in the Primary role

  • Locate the supplied seqno in the available THL

  • Parse the THL found, if any

  • Generate the dsctl command and display

Table 9.57. tungsten_find_seqno Options

--debug, -dEnable additional debug output.
--help, -hShow help text
--path, -pSpecify the full path to the executable directory where the thl and trepctl commands are located.
--quiet, -qPrevent final message from being output.
--service, -sSpecify the service name to use with the various commands.
--test, -tTest mode - do not perform the actual update on the files
--thlSpecify the full path to the thl command executable file.
--trepctlSpecify the full path to the trepctl command executable file.
--verbose, -vShow verbose output

Below is a sample session:

shell> tungsten_find_seqno 4
dsctl set -reset -seqno 4 -epoch 2 -event-id "mysql-bin.000030:0000000000001981;-1" -source-id "db1"