9.43. The tungsten_show_processlist Script

The tungsten_show_processlist is a read-only script which will show the output from tungsten show processlist; on all available Connectors.

This requires the mysql command-line client and a running manager for cctrl to poll.

tungsten_show_processlist [ -a, --all ] [ -d, --debug ] [ -f {field}, --filter {field} ] [ -g {pattern}, --grep {pattern} ] [ -h, --help ] [ -m {host}, --manager {host} ] [ -p {port}, --port {port} ] [ -v, --verbose ]


Table 9.69. tungsten_show_processlist Command-line Options

--all, -aDisplay disconnected users
--debug, -d(-d implies -v also) Debug mode is VERY chatty, avoid it unless you really need it.
-f {field}, --filter {field}Specify field/regex pairs as field=regex separated by pipe symbols, like this: --filter 'User=app_user|db=db7.*'. Available Fields: connector, DataSource, Id, User, Host, db, Command, Time, State, Info
-g {pattern}, --grep {pattern}Filter by regex on entire line, case insensitive only
--help, -h
-m {host}, --manager {host}Specify maanager host for cctrl to poll
-p {port}, --port {port}Provide the connector port number
--verbose, -v