3.5. Tungsten Dashboard 1.0.11 GA (8 November 2022)

Version End of Life. 8 November 2023

Tungsten Dashboard provides a web-based UI for monitoring and managing Tungsten Clustering deployments.

Tungsten Dashboard v1.0.11 provides a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes.

Cluster Configuration File Changes

  • The config.php file has been updated to include a config.json file in the same subdirectory. If the config.json exists, the contents will be used in place of any json configuration defined manually in the config.php file.

  • The new best practice is to use only config.json, not config.php any longer.

  • Since there is a new config.php file with this version, a new migration tool called upgrade_config.php has been included to easily install the new config.php file while still maintaining all of your existing settings.

    The upgrade_config.php command will create a new file called config.json containing all of the settings that used to be inside the config.php file.


    The upgrade_config.php tool should be NOT be RUN if the config.json file already exists!

    The upgrade_config.php tool should be RUN ONLY ONCE!

    shell> cd {DASHBOARD_WEBROOT}/
    For example:
    shell> cd /volumes/data/www/tungsten/html/
    shell> ./upgrade_config.php `pwd`


    The upgrade_config.php tool should be NOT be RUN if the config.json file already exists!

    The upgrade_config.php tool should be RUN ONLY ONCE!

New! Cluster Tagging and Filtering Feature

  • You are now able to specify one or more tags per cluster in all cluster definition forms.

  • You are now able to filter the cluster display by a tag from the top search bar.

Support for both v6/APIv1 and v7/APIv2 clusters at the same time!

Support for per-cluster API User and Password!

  • You are now able to specify the API settings on a per-cluster basis (apiVersion, apiAuth, apiUser, apiPassword and apiSSL), allowing for mixed APIv1 and APIv2 clusters in the same Dashboard session, and clusters with different admin user/password pairs.

  • In previous versions of the Tungsten Dashboard, the API Version, API Authentication/User/Password and API Encryption settings were global only. This meant that a version 6 cluster running APIv1 and a version 7 cluster running APIv2 would not work at the same time in the same Dashboard sessioa, nor would clusters with different API user/password pairs.

  • The new configuration fields have been added to the display, add and edit cluster definition forms in all areas of the dashboard.

  • The API settings for each cluster are now displayed upon hover over the cluster service name. Each option will also show if the value is derived from the global default, or from a cluster-specific setting.

  • Expert mode now allows one-click toggling of global API authentication and SSL Encryption options in addition to the existing global API version toggle.

New Display Options for the REACT Frontend GUI

  • Two new settings have been added to the Tungsten Dashboard to support an improved GUI experience.

  • Both of the new settings are available via the GUI (config.php options in parens):

    • Display Style (displayStyle)

      Specify which horizontal display method to use in the new REACT frontend (Fill Space or Compressed)

    • Home Page (homepage)

      Specify which page to display first in the new REACT frontend (Cluster, Dashboard or Metrics)

New Cluster Rename Behavior

  • When changing a composite cluster parent name, the children are now updated with the new parent name. Previously, this was a manual operation.

  • when changing a composite cluster child name, the parent is now updated with the new child name. Previously, this was a manual operation.

New Tab Bar Behaviors for Improved Performance

  • A new setting (enableTabs) has been added to the Tungsten Dashboard to control the Tab bar behavior.

  • While getting the information to populate the Tab bar is a lightweight AJAX call, the actual data gathering in the backend is quite heavy, and requires an API call to every cluster. This backend processing can cause slowdowns in response time for the Dashboard and is why the new default is to have "dumb" Tabs and better performance.

  • Now, by default, the Tab bar will operate in "dumb" mode, and will NOT display the quantity of nodes that are not in automatic mode, nor the quantity of nodes that are in the not ready state. Also, the Tab refresh button will not appear either.

  • Enabling Tabs in the Settings Panel restores the original behavior of displaying the counts and the refresh button.

Additional New Features of Note

  • The Tungsten Dashboard now fully supports CAA clusters in v6!

  • Added the ability to close windows using the Escape key, enabled by default. Disable in the Settings panel.

  • Added a Copy To Clipboard button to all cluster configuration display windows.

  • Added a refresh button to the missing cluster display box for convenience - no longer need to refresh the entire page

  • In expert mode, there is a new heartbeat trigger button per cluster in old frontend

  • Cleaned up error_log calls to make the log file as quiet as possible, and added new setting (enableVerbose) and the aassociated verbose_log() function.

  • When RBAC is enabled, a logout link is now visible at the bottom center of the footer. Also improved footer messaging when RBAC is disabled and/or basic auth is disabled.

  • For both auto and manual cluster definition, if you create a Dashboard Service ID (service name) with hyphens, they will be converted to underscores upon save due to the way Javascript handles id's with hyphens.

  • When useHAProxy is enabled, the Manager Port will now be set to 8201 instead of 8091 to avoid port conflicts when installed directly on a cluster node.

  • The browser-specific date and time display for auto-refresh has been shortened to better fit on the navbar.