3.1. MySQL Replication Pre-Requisites

Before installing Tungsten Replicator there are a number of steps that need to be completed to prepare the hosts.

First, ensure you have followed the general notes within Section B.3, “Host Configuration”. For supported platforms and environments, see Section B.1, “Requirements”.

If configuring extraction from MySQL instances hosted on your own hardware, or, for example, on EC2 instances, follow the MySQL specific pre-requisites within Section B.4, “MySQL Database Setup”

If configuring extraction from Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora, also follow the pre-requisites within Section B.4, “MySQL Database Setup” however, paying specific attention to Section B.4.6, “MySQL Unprivileged Users”

For more detail on changing parameters within Amazon AWS, see Section 3.3.1, “Changing Amazon RDS/Aurora Instance Configurations”

A pre-requisite checklist is available to download and can be used to ensure your environment is ready for installation. See Section B.5, “Prerequisite Checklist”