4.1.2. Prepare Amazon RDS/Amazon Aurora

  • Create the Amazon Instance

    If the instance does not already exist, create the Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora instance and take a note of the endpoint URL reported. This information will be required when configuring the replicator service.

    Also take a note of the user and password used for connecting to the instance.

  • Check your security group configuration.

    The host used as the Target for applying changes to the Amazon instance must have been added to the security groups. Within Amazon RDS and Aurora, security groups configure the hosts that are allowed to connect to the Amazon instance, and hence update information within the database. The configuration must include the IP address of the Applier replicator, whether that host is within Amazon EC2 or external.

  • Change RDS/Aurora instance properties

    Depending on the configuration and data to be replicated, the parameter of the running instance may need to be modified. For example, the max_allowed_packet parameter may need to be increased.

    For more information on changing parameters, see Section 3.3.1, “Changing Amazon RDS/Aurora Instance Configurations”.