4.1.1. Preparing for MySQL Replication

Configure the source and target hosts following the prerequisites outlined in Appendix B, Prerequisites then follow the appropriate steps for the required extractor topology outlined in Chapter 3, Deploying MySQL Extractors.

  • MySQL Target

    Applies to:

    • Standalone hosted instances

    • EC2 hosted instances

    • Google Cloud hosted instances

    • Microsoft Azure hosted instances

    To prepare the target MySQL Database, ensure the user accounts are created as per the steps outlined in Section B.4.5, “MySQL User Configuration”

  • Amazon RDS/Amazon Aurora Target

    For Amazon based targets, as we do not have access to the host, nor can we configure accounts with elevated privileges, follow the steps in Section B.4.6, “MySQL Unprivileged Users” to prepare the target for replication

The data replicated from MySQL can be any data, although there are some known limitations and assumptions made on the way the information is transferred.

  • Table format should be updated to UTF8 by updating the MySQL configuration (my.cnf):

  • To prevent timezone configuration storing zone adjusted values and exporting this information to the binary log and AmazonRDS, fix the timezone configuration to use UTC within the configuration file (my.cnf):


If your target is an Amazon RDS or Aurora Instance, that has not yet been created, follow the steps in Section 4.1.2, “Prepare Amazon RDS/Amazon Aurora”

If your target is a hosted MySQL environment, proceed to Section 4.1.3, “Install MySQL Applier”