5.1. Deploying the Replicator using the AWS Marketplace AMI

If you have an AWS account, you can take advantage of pre-built EC2 hosts, complete with all necessary pre-requisites in place, launched from an AWS Marketplace AMI.

Upon launch, a wizard will start and prompt you for a number of credentials to build a default configuration for Tungsten Replicator

For a complete end-to-end Replication Pipeline you will need:

Source Databases

The Tungsten Replicator for MySQL Source Extraction is required for extraction from any of the following:

  • MySQL hosted on another EC2 instance

  • MySQL hosted on the same EC2 host launched from the AMI

  • An existing Tungsten Clustering Installation

  • Amazon RDS

  • Amazon Aurora

  • MySQL hosted on a remote non-AWS host

  • Google Cloud SQL

  • Microsoft Azure

Target Databases


Upon launch, the AMI does NOT include the required binaries for a locally hosted database instance. For a local install for either the extractor or the applier, this will need to be configured manually beforehand.


If you plan to extract from an existing Tungsten Cluster (Cluster-Extractor) a number of changes may need to be applied to your cluster configuration, in addition your cluster must be running the same release as Tungsten Replicator. For more details on Cluster requirements consult the appropriate Applier specific pages here: Chapter 4, Deploying Appliers


For any non-AWS hosted instances, ensure the appropriate inbound and outbound security rules are in place to allow WAN Communication.