5.1.2. Launch and Configure AMI

After launching the AMI, obtain the public IP and connect to the shell using your preferred Terminal application, eg

shell> ssh -i your-key.pem ec2-user@publicIP

Upon connecting, you will see a welcome message, from here you can now connect as the tungsten user

shell> sudo su - tungsten

The launch wizard will start automatically and start prompting you for details regarding your source or target database.

It is advisable to configure the Extractor AMI first as you will need to provide details of the extractor when you configure the applier.

Once you have provided all the information to the wizard, you will be prompted on screen for the next steps.

  • In summary, the wizard will have completed the following:

    • Created tungsten.ini within /etc/tungsten

    • Created additional directories for software installation

    • Created additional configuration files depening upon target requirements

    • Created a log file of the Wizard execution within /home/tungsten/ami-launch/log

  • The latest version of Tungsten Replicator will be unpacked within /opt/continuent/software

  • The wizard does not install the software, this allows you to fine tune the configuration to suit your needs, such as adding additional filters, or adjusting memory and buffer allocations.

  • For more information on all the possible configuration parameters, see Section 9.8, “tpm Configuration Options”

  • You can now install the software, follow the on screen instructions displayed after Wizard completetion to install using tpm, or review Section 9.4.2, “Installation with INI File”

  • For further reading and understanding of how to manage the replicator, review Chapter 7, Operations Guide

  • For steps on starting and stopping the replicator, review Section 2.4, “Starting and Stopping Tungsten Replicator”

  • For details on how to monitor and interact with the running replicator using the trepctl tool, review Section 8.20, “The trepctl Command”