9.3.4. Reviewing the current configuration

You may run the tpm reverse command to review the list of configuration options. This will run in the staging directory and in your installation directory. It is a good idea to run this command prior to installation and upgrades to validate the current settings.

# Installed from tungsten@host1:/home/tungsten/tungsten-replicator-7.0.1-96
# Options for the alpha data service
tools/tpm configure alpha \
--enable-thl-ssl=true \
--install-directory=/opt/continuent \
--java-keystore-password=password \
--java-truststore-password=password \
--master=host1 \
--members=host1,host2,host3 \
--replication-password=password \
--replication-user=tungsten \
--start=true \

The output includes all of the tpm configure commands necessary to rebuild the configuration. It includes all default, dataservice and host specific configuration settings. Review this output and make changes as needed until you are satisfied.