9.3.8. Converting from INI to Staging

If you currently use the INI installation method and wish to convert to using the Staging method, there is currently no easy way to do that. The procedure involves uninstalling fully on each node, then reinstalling from scratch.

If you still wish to convert from the INI installation method to using the Staging method, use the following procedure:

  1. On the staging node, extract the software into /opt/continuent/software/{extracted_dir}

    shell> cd /opt/continuent/software
    shell> tar zxf tungsten-replicator-7.0.1-96.tar.gz
  2. Create the text file config.sh based on the output from tpm reverse:

    shell> cd tungsten-replicator-7.0.1-96
    shell> tpm reverse > config.sh

    Review the new config.sh script to confirm everything is correct, making any needed edits. When ready, create the new configuration:

    shell> sh config.sh

    Review the new configuration:

    shell> tools/tpm reverse

    See Section 9.3, “tpm Staging Configuration” for more information.

  3. On all nodes, uninstall the Tungsten software:


    Executing this step WILL cause an interruption of service.

    shell> tpm uninstall --i-am-sure
  4. On all nodes, rename the tungsten.ini file:

    shell> mv /etc/tungsten/tungsten.ini /etc/tungsten/tungsten.ini.old
  5. On the staging node only, change to the extracted directory and execute the tpm install command:

    shell> cd /opt/continuent/software/tungsten-replicator-7.0.1-96
    shell> ./tools/tpm install