8.18. The thl Command

The thl command provides an interface to the THL data, including the ability to view the list of available files, details of the enclosed event information, and the ability to purge THL files to reclaim space on disk beyond the configured log retention policy.

The command supports two command-line options that are applicable to all operations, as shown in Table 8.21, “thl Options”.

Table 8.21. thl Options

Option Description
-conf path Path to the configuration file containing the required replicator service configuration
-service servicename Name of the service to be used when looking for THL information

For example, to execute a command on a specific service:

shell> thl index -service firstrep

Individual operations are selected by use of a specific command to the thl command. Supported commands are:

  • index — obtain a list of available THL files.

  • info — obtain summary information about the available THL data.

  • list — list one or more THL events.

  • purge — purge THL data.

  • help — get the command help text.

Further information on each of these operations is provided in the following sections.