Chapter 4. Deploying Appliers

Table of Contents

4.1. Deploying the MySQL Applier
4.1.1. Preparing for MySQL Replication
4.1.2. Prepare Amazon RDS/Amazon Aurora
4.1.3. Install MySQL Applier
4.1.4. Management and Monitoring of MySQL Deployments
4.2. Deploying the Amazon Redshift Applier
4.2.1. Redshift Replication Operation
4.2.2. Preparing for Amazon Redshift Replication
4.2.3. Install Amazon Redshift Applier
4.2.4. Verifying your Redshift Installation
4.2.5. Keeping CDC Information
4.2.6. Management and Monitoring of Amazon Redshift Deployments
4.3. Deploying the Vertica Applier
4.3.1. Preparing for Vertica Deployments
4.3.2. Install Vertica Applier
4.3.3. Management and Monitoring of Vertica Deployments
4.3.4. Troubleshooting Vertica Installations
4.4. Deploying the Kafka Applier
4.4.1. Preparing for Kafka Replication
4.4.2. Install Kafka Applier
4.4.3. Management and Monitoring of Kafka Deployments
4.5. Deploying the MongoDB Applier
4.5.1. MongoDB Atlas Replication
4.5.2. Preparing for MongoDB Replication
4.5.3. Install MongoDB Applier
4.5.4. Install MongoDB Atlas Applier
4.5.5. Management and Monitoring of MongoDB Deployments
4.6. Deploying the Hadoop Applier
4.6.1. Hadoop Replication Operation
4.6.2. Preparing for Hadoop Replication
4.6.3. Replicating into Kerberos Secured HDFS
4.6.4. Install Hadoop Replication
4.7. Deploying the Oracle Applier
4.7.1. Preparing for Oracle Replication
4.7.2. Install Oracle Applier
4.8. Deploying the PostgreSQL Applier
4.8.1. Preparing for PostgreSQL Replication
4.8.2. Install PostgreSQL Applier
4.8.3. Management and Monitoring of PostgreSQL Deployments

The following sections outline the steps to configure the replicator for applying into your target of choice. Each section covers the basic configuration to deploy an applier in each of the deployment models (Onboard or Offboard).

Before preparing the applier configuration, follow the steps outlined in Chapter 3, Deploying MySQL Extractors to configure the extractor.