8.8. env.sh Script

After installation, the env.sh can be used to setup the local environment, such as appending to the local $PATH.

If --profile-script is set during installation, then the local profile script will also be updated to ensure the env.sh file is loaded at login of the OS user.

shell> cat .bash_profile
# Begin Tungsten Environment for /opt/continuent
# Include the Tungsten variables
# Anything in this section may be changed during the next operation
if [ -f "/opt/continuent/share/env.sh" ]; then
    . "/opt/continuent/share/env.sh"
# End Tungsten Environment for /opt/continuent

If not set, then the script can manually be sourced

shell> source /opt/continuent/share/env.sh

If --executable-prefix is set, then the env.sh script will also configure aliases for all of the common executable binaries

For example, if --executable-prefix has been set to "mm", then aliases for executable binaries will be prefixed with this value, as shown in the small example below:

shell> alias
alias mm_thl='/opt/continuent/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin/thl'
alias mm_tpm='/opt/continuent/tungsten/tools/tpm'
alias mm_trepctl='/opt/continuent/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin/trepctl'