8.3. The check_tungsten_online Command

The check_tungsten_online command checks whether all the services for a given service and host are online and running.

Table 8.2. check_tungsten_online Options

-hDisplay the help text
-portRMI port for the replicator being checked

By default, the script will check all manager and replication services for the localhost

The command outputs information in the following format:


Where DETAIL includes detailed information about the status report, and LEVEL is:

  • CRITICAL — status is critical and requires immediate attention. This indicates that more than one service is not running.

    For example:

    CRITICAL: Replicator is not running
  • WARNING — status requires attention. This indicates that one service within the system is not online.

  • OK — status is OK.

    For example:

    OK: All services are online

This output is easily parseable by various monitoring tools, including Nagios NRPE, and can be used to monitor the status of your services quickly without resorting to using the full trepctl output.

For example:

shell> check_tungsten_online
OK: All services are online