7.6.4. user.map Updates

When the user.map file is updated:

  • The Tungsten Connector should automatically identify that the file has been changed and reload the file, updating the user map.

  • To manually force the users to be updated, for example, if the user.map uses the @script, use the tungsten flush privileges command:

    mysql> tungsten flush privileges;
    | Message                        |
    | user.map reloaded successfully |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    If you are using the --application-readonly-port option, this command must be run through both ports. Alternatively, you can trigger a simultaneous flush by running:

    shell> touch /opt/continuent/tungsten/continuent-connector/conf/user.map
  • When using @direct entries in user.map, the connector may need to be restarted using connector restart:

    shell> connector restart

    This will disconnect all connected clients, but the connector itself should be unavailable only for a short time.

  • When the connector installation is updated using tpm, for example during an upgrade, the user.map and dataservices.properties are automatically copied into the new installation automatically and do not need to be manually copied or update.

    To perform an update without automatically copying the user.map file using the --connector-delete-user-map option to tpm.