7.6.9. Host-based Authentication

In addition to the explicit user/host based authentication support, the connector also includes general host-based authentication that allows client connections only from specific hosts.

Host-based authentication is not enabled in the default installation. To enable it, create a file authorized_hosts within the tungsten/tungsten-connector/conf/ directory of the active installation. The connector will then need to be restarted before host-based authentication is enabled.


The authorized_hosts file is not automatically distributed during deployment and updates. The file must be manually copied to other hosts.

If the content of the authorized_hosts file is changed, the connector must be restarted before the changes take effect.

If the file exists, host-based authentication is enabled. If it is empty, all client connections are denied. The format of the file is that each line defines the host address and netmask in CIDR format. For example:

Enables connectivity from all hosts in the range