6.3.7. Datasource Statuses

In addition to the overall state, all datasources have a specific status that indicates the current health and operation, rather than the configured state for that datasource. For example, a datasource can be in the online state, but have a DIMINISHED status if there is a recoverable problem with one of the datasource components.

The purpose of the Alert STATUS field is to provide standard, datasource-state-specific values for ease of parsing and backwards-compatibility with older versions of the cctrl command.

The STATUS field is effectively the same information as the DataSource State that appears on the first line after the colon (:), just presented slightly differently.

Here are the possible values for STATUS, showing the DataSource State first, and the matching Alert STATUS second:

Datasource State Alert STATUS
OFFLINE WARN (for non-composite datasources)
OFFLINE DIMINISHED (for composite passive replica)
OFFLINE CRITICAL (for composite active primary)

Any other DataSource State sets the STATUS to UNKNOWN.

  • OK

    The OK status indicates that the datasource is currently operating correctly.


    A DIMINISHED status indicates that there is a problem with one of the dataservice services which is causing a reduced level of expected service. For example, in the sample output below, the reason is indicated as a stopped replicator service.

    |host1(master:ONLINE)                                                        |
    |STATUS [DIMINISHED] [2013/05/11 12:38:33 AM BST]                            |
    |REASON[REPLICATOR STOPPED]                                                  |
    |  MANAGER(state=ONLINE)                                                     |
    |  REPLICATOR(state=STOPPED)                                                 |
    |  DATASERVER(state=ONLINE)                                                  |
    |  CONNECTIONS(created=195, active=0)                                        |

    The underlying service fault should be fixed and the status rechecked.

If all the services are ONLINE, but one node is in the DIMINISHED state, you should let the auto-recovery process complete. To do this:

  1. Place the cluster into automatic mode:

    [LOGICAL] /alpha > set policy automatic
  2. Set the status of the node in the DIMINISHED state to OFFLINE:

    [LOGICAL:EXPERT] /alpha > datasource host1 offline

Automatic recovery will then recover the node for you.