10.2.3. Service THL Endpoints

A few endpoints are provided to get information about the service THL or to manipulate it, these are as follows:

  • index

  • info

  • encryption

  • compression

  • genkey

  • index / info / compression / encryption

These GET requests provide information about THL

index : THL files index

GET ''

info : THL metadata

GET ''

encryption : encryption state of THL (enabled or not)

GET ''

compression : compression state of THL (enabled or not)

GET ''

An example follows, for more detail please refer to the Replicator API Developer documentation. compression / encryption

When used with a POST request, this will turn on or off either compression or encryption.


Here is an example to turn encryption on :

  "payloadType": "BooleanPayload",
  "payloadVersion": "1",
  "payload": {
    "value": true

The service has to be offline to turn compression / encryption on or off. genkey

This is a POST request that will ask the replicator to generate a new encryption key for the THL.

The service has to be online to generate a new THL key.